Kevin's User Scripts


Show Archived Copies

Shows archived copies of this page on the Wayback Machine when alt+shift+a is pressed.

Chartopia Export

Add export options for

Submit Form on Ctrl+Enter

When in a textarea forms will be submitted on Ctrl+Enter.

GitHub Emoji on Linux

Convinces GitHub that Linux supports emoji by removing Linux from the user-agent.

Imgur Direct Video

Redirects Imgur "GIFV" pages to the video for better viewing experience.

Robots' Revenge Solver Link

Shows a link to kevincox's Ricochet Robot solver for Robot's revenge puzzles.

Show Whitespace

Displays whitespace characters in code blocks when alt+shift+w is pressed.

Slack in Browser

Automatically redirects to the browser Slack instead of the modal every time.


Element Black

Make Element's dark theme black. Great for OLED screens.

GitHub Expand Status Checks

Remove the height limit from the status checks window so that you can see them all without scrolling.

GitHub Expand Workflow

Remove the hight limit from the workflow graph so that you can see more.

GitHub Default Font Size

Update GitHub to use your default font and size for code review.

GitLab Dropdown Size Fix

GitLab label dropdowns end up showing me like 2 labels at a time which is incredibly difficult to use. This removes the hight limit so that I can select labels quickly.

GitLab Default Emoji

GitLab tries to be "helpful" by hardcoding a list of emoji fonts. Instead just use the system's default emoji font.

Hacker News - Default Font

Minor tweaks to use your browser's default font.